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Shoulder Tote Bag

Shoulder Tote Bag

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Faric Design

Introducing the Yafe Reversible Over-the-Shoulder Tote - the perfect companion for sunny beach days and relaxing park picnics. Meticulously crafted with both style and purpose in mind, this tote is the perfect blend of fashion and social impact. With its adjustable strap length and reversible design, this tote offers both versatility and fashion, allowing you to change up your look with ease. Whether you're lounging on the beach or strolling through the park, this one accessory can take you from casual to chic in no time.

But what sets Yafe apart isn't just its stunning design - it's the heartwarming story behind it. Made from the finest quality block hand-printed cotton sourced from Jaipur, India, each bag is a testament to the skill and dedication of the artisans who crafted it. Strong, soft, and beautiful, these totes are a reflection of the hands that made them.

Yafe isn't just a brand - it's a social business initiative with a mission. By choosing our tote, you're contributing to positive change in the lives of women in Kolkata, India, who have bravely overcome the shadows of the sex trade. Join us in making a statement: fashion with a purpose, where every tote carries a tale of empowerment and resilience. Elevate your style and impact lives with the Yafe Reversible Over-the-Shoulder Tote - because fashion should always feel good inside and out.

Size: 43cm x 36cm


Our materials are the best quality block hand printed cotton from Jaipur, India. Breathable, strong, soft and beautiful, just like the hands that create them.

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